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There here spoilers for those who don't read the manga of this series.

Prince of Tennis Chapter 377
Okay guys as you remenber in my previous review and previus chapter (chapter 376),Ryoma just ended awakening "Ten'imuhou no Kinami" (Pinacle of perfection),the last door.Chapter starts him just awakened his "Ten'imuhou no Kinami",here a picture of how starts the chapter:
(So damn COOL XD I can't wait when it comes to OVAs of the finals), well he starts his service game,it was so fast that wasn't able to see,neither Yukimura (Rikkaidai captain),of course everyone suprised that he awakened
"Ten'imuhou no Kinami"(maybe execpt for Tezuka(maybe he's supreised,but since he's so serious,he doesn't show it)),and then Ryoma asks to the referee to make the call,and then they start to use a special machine when a ball is really fast,that films and then to see if enter in or not,Yukimura in his thoughs that he testemoning the "Ten'imuhou no Kinami" right in front of him.
and goes on like this,Game Echizen 1-4,then 3-4,4-4,and ends Ryoma saying "You having fun yet".So it was a great chapter.

Naruto Chapter 389
The chapter starts as ended the prevous chapter.Itachi starts releasing his justsu "Amaterasu",but since is a technique releasing bit by bit, but has disadvantage like Itachi reflexes gets slow, so Sasuke takes to advantage,so then ,is goes with shuurikens and then  and lot of techniques and at the same time Itach and Sasuke make the Uchiha famous technique "Katon – Goukakyuu no Jutsu.",here goes a picture:

And finally "Amaterasu" tecnique is released completely,is a dark fire technique that  and disappears until burns everything on his path.what a scary technique.What a battle should I say.

That's it for today maybe.

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